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From the Mayor’s Desk
(Fall 2022)

Greetings to all Village Residents from the Mayor’s Office!

Very exciting things have occurred within the Village over the last few months. Our former State Senator Rachelle Crowe was able to secure thousands of dollars through the State of Illinois to fund struggling departments in the Village. Like other small towns East Alton has to determine which way is the best way to spend and allocate these funds to the different departments.

The Parks and Recreation Department will receive $95,000 to be used to constructs smaller soccer and T-ball fields behind the Keasler Complex in the area known as Lions Park. It was a vision of mine when I became Mayor to have these smaller fields in close proximity to the Keasler Complex to provide fields specifically for our youngest citizens. This will also free-up VanPreter Park for programs geared toward older children.

Senator Crow was also able to secure $270,000 for the Police Department to obtain the necessary equipment the department has been lacking over the last several years. The Chief and Major, along with their officers, are developing a plan on exactly how they want to utilize these funds for this needed equipment.

I want to personally thank former Senator Rachelle Crowe and the State of Illinois for their contributions to the Village.

There are going to be many challenges ahead for each and every one of you and the Village will do what we can to help.

As always, please keep an eye on your neighbors and always know you can contact Village Hall for assistance.

I look forward to seeing you at events in the Village this year. Please check out the entire newsletter, plus our Facebook and website for details on community events going on in East Alton!


Mayor Darren Carlton